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Smart. Not Risky.

Capabilities and diversity matter. Unlike a small business attempting to develop a single project, our portfolio of projects reduces your risks. We manage the full development of power generation from financing to production. Any project can encounter unforeseen circumstances and delays, but we are not wagering our success on the outcome of any single development effort. The scale of our efforts also enables us to use best practices we learn to avoid costly mistakes.

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One. Not Many.

Suntech manages all aspects of the development process starting from site identification. Unlike other project development approaches that involve hand-offs through many various players in different steps, Suntech is a sole source provider. We bring together landowners, suppliers, contractors, utilities, and authorities. Our project management approach reduces assessment, approval, and implementation times as well as providing continuity to all players.

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Seamless. Not Fragmented.

As a sole-source provider, you can be assured that technical specifications created at the beginning of the project consider all the needs of subsequent steps and remain consistent throughout development. There are no engineering miscommunications that occur when different players are involved in various stages.

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Resilient. Not Fragile.

Power Interruptions caused by disasters such as wildfires and earthquakes are devastating. As communities address the need to rebuild the energy infrastructure, local generation of power becomes important as it increases resiliency. Reliance on distant generation sources and transmission lines means the reliability of your energy supply is still unstable. Local energy sources feeding into local distribution is a way reduce the reliance on an aging, fragile system. Suntech is the solution to power outages and utility shut offs.

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Experienced. Not Novice.

Suntech has developed utility scale solar plants around the world for over 20 years. Our past achievements predict our future success. We have the experience and intellectual capacity of our team. We know the best process. We know the risks. We know how to deal with challenges. Most importantly, we know how to bring a project to completion.