Can I add value and make responsible use of my land?

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Boost Your Income

Landowners can realize additional income without the risk of additional investment. Tap into new and profitable streams of revenue with solar. Create long-term financial certainty for you and future generations.  

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Increase the Usefulness of Your Property

Land that might otherwise have limited uses could be an excellent fit for a solar power plant. No water? Environmental limitations? Too steep? Hard to access? None of these issues preclude the construction of a solar plant.

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Enable Power Independence

Help your community. Local solar farms that provide power directly into the local distribution system can benefit your community by providing clean energy that allows communities to quickly restore power during natural disasters. Your involvement also creates local jobs, reduces energy costs, and reduces the reliance on unsightly transmission lines that connect to distant power generation sources.

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Create a Sustainable Land Use Plan

Past investments in Solar technology and equipment have demonstrated a long lifespan. Because we rely on proven technology, we believe that a well-maintained solar plant can operate successfully and profitably for more than 40 years. Technological risk is low.

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Partner with One Developer From Start To Finish

Suntech professionals work closely with landowners on every phase of a project. We construct long-term lease agreements and educate neighbors and communities about the benefits of solar.  Our team creates site plans and analysis, engineering and design, construction, monitoring and ongoing service. We know the relevant questions to ask and how to navigate the processes of developing your land into a long-term sustainable source of energy and revenue. Unlike other development approaches that involve many players, our rare end-to-end involvement means you can interact with only one responsible party.

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Benefit From Our Financial Success and Experience

Suntech has developed utility scale solar plants around the world for over 20 years. We know from our past achievements that we can confidently predict future success. We understand the opportunities and challenges that concern a landowner. To ensure success we rely on the experience of our team. We know the best process. We know the risks. We know how to deal with challenges. Most importantly, we know how to bring a project to completion.


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